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Ecommerce Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) is the Cornerstone to Success! In Ecommerce communities, smaller establishments are able to provide personalized service to each customer. These intimate experiences are what today’s consumers crave for – and it’s what our Ecommerce SEO services aim to give. We want YOU to excel in your chosen industry, in your own community. When SEO Experts handle your online presence, you can focus more on what needs to be done.

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimizations


We want your business to be #1 in your industry – in your Ecommerce community. After all, there’s nothing better than having customers from your own neighborhood!


Each business is different. That’s why we carefully tailor our Ecommerce SEO strategies to fit your company's unique needs: from inspiration to execution.


We don’t just use buzzwords or follow trending techniques. We offer targeted web design strategies that really work. And we have the results to prove it.

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Request an SEO Audit (worth $175) which includes Local Visibility, Social Engagement, On-Site Recommendations, Competitive Analysis & more!

Our Ecommerce SEO Process

Take a look at our step-by-step approach to making your website stand out above the Ecommerce competition.

National SEO Process - Search Engine Optimizations Strategies

Specify Goals

What to gain from your Ecommerce SEO marketing.

Claim Listings

Setting up Ecommerce & National pages for your business.

Create Content

We will personalize your content.

Get Reviews

Sterling reviews to boost rankings!

Check and Remove Duplicates

Monitor your online reputation.

Evaluate Results

We will constantly communicate with you.

Get More Conversions, Calls & New Clients With... Your Trusted Ecommerce SEO Experts.

We help you to manage your Ecommerce visibility, track activities transparently, get reports & view performance of your campaign - all in a single place.

Pricing begins from as low as $449 /mo.

How Ecommerce SEO Works

We offer a Ecommerce SEO search strategy specifically tailored to your location to ensure the right external location signals are sent as well as inbound links, on-page and social signals, and review signals to Google about the locations most relevant to your business. It doesn’t just increase traffic to your website, it increases targeted traffic.

We use proven methodology-based solutions

We use proven methodology-based solutions.

Citation building is a critical step in maximizing your reputation online. Relevant backlinks are a close second. We accomplish both using only proven methodologies.

We drive highly-targeted leads to your door

We drive highly-targeted leads to your door.

With a website optimized for Ecommerce search and accurate listings, potential customers easily find your site. Site traffic becomes foot traffic.

We improve your Ecommerce ranking on Google

We improve your Ecommerce ranking on Google

Following diligent keyword research, we target exactly what your potential customers are looking for to ensure that when they get to your website, they’re high-quality leads.

We manage and control your online reputation

We manage and control your online reputation

An online reputation is important for any business but it’s especially important for Ecommerce businesses where one bad review can be catastrophic. We’ll help manage that reputation.

How is Ecommerce SEO different from regular SEO?

Often times, people think that SEO and Ecommerce SEO are the same digital marketing strategy. While they aren’t exactly correct - they aren’t exactly wrong either. You see, when you boil it all down, optimizing a website for search (be it local, national, or global) has one goal – generate you more leads. Ecommerce SEO goes about the process slightly different, which we’re going to discuss for you below…

  • Step One
  • Step Two
  • Step Three
  • Step Four
  • Conclusion
Website Audit & Competition Research

The first step to every successful Ecommerce SEO campaign is a concise audit. This means extensively going over your website and analyzing its on-page optimization, HTML, javascript, and more. If the site is built “old school” (i.e. with tons of javascript), it might be unsalvageable and your website may need to be redesigned so that search engines can properly crawl and index it.

Along with the audit, it’s important to begin researching your competitors. This is a key step in the entire process. Why? We can reverse engineer what your competitors are doing correctly in order to copy their strategies and supersede them.

Local Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of determining what specific phrases your target demographic is searching for with the purpose of buying the product or service you provide.

When it comes to keyword research for Ecommerce business websites, the objective is to find keywords that identify buyer intent. We look for keywords specific to your area.

This process is very involved and includes carefully studying your competitors in order to understand which keywords their website may (or may not) be ranking for on page one in the search engines.

Content Creation & Optimization

Once we have a nice list of keywords that your target demographic is searching for in your Ecommerce area, we begin creating content around those keywords. Oftentimes this content takes the form of pages on your website. However, sometimes videos are made for the purposes of ranking in the search engines.

For the content created we ensure that it is properly optimized. This includes (but is not limited to) making sure that the keywords we found are in specific areas on the content being created…

  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • First 100 words of the content
Build Ecommerce Links

The last but more important step is building a very specific type of link – local. Links, in the world of SEO, are like votes for your website. The more links that are pointing from other websites (e.g. Yelp, Twitter, your friend’s blog, your Facebook page) to pages on your website, the higher those pages will appear for the specific keywords they are targeting. However, not all links are equal. Links from relevant “authority” websites count much higher than those from newer, non-relevant sites.

For digital marketers untrained in Ecommerce SEO, finding the right links for a Ecommerce campaign can be tough. It takes a lot of time and effort to understand where to find them. This is where the previous competition research comes in handy. By reverse engineering your competition we can also understand where they are getting links from and which ones are giving them the biggest “boost” in the search results. We can use this information to gain the same links, thus leveling the playing field and giving your website the same boost.

Below is a list of some of the best Ecommerce link building opportunities to grow your SEO campaign…

  • Become a Patch contributor for the town and write an article about your business.
  • Find Ecommerce bloggers and offer them your product or service for free in return for a review (and link).
  • Join Ecommerce groups, such as your town’s Chamber of Commerce. Many of these groups have a members page where they list and link to member websites.
  • Donate to local and national charities that have a thank you page for their donors.
  • Sponsor a local event. Many events also have thank you pages, like this one.

The best way to build links for a Ecommerce campaign is to not think of it as building links. Instead of being “salesy” and pushing links, try to be friendly and helpful. While it can take a longer amount of time to build the types of links mentioned above, they are much more likely to lead to a greater boost in ranking. Getting those potential customers through the front door of your business, starts by making you discoverable on the web. We accomplish that through citation building, establishing high-quality backlinks, and creating a Ecommerce reputation online that drives foot traffic.


As you can see, although Ecommerce SEO differs from a National SEO campaign (regular), it can be even more effective in bringing in leads. By following the plan outlined above, you can expect great results from your next Ecommerce SEO campaign. Contact us today, we want YOU to excel in your chosen industry, in your own community.

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Ecommerce SEO is one aspect of the SEO division, which is often overlooked by website owners and SEO service providers. Notably, Ecommerce SEO is important for businesses and can be of utmost help during the planning stages of a new website optimization campaign. It helps businesses to gain extensive recognition in their locality and to grab customers more accurately. For example, if one is a "plumber" based in Springfield, for whom plumber would not be beneficial, but plumber Springfield could be.

These efforts can benefit the Ecommerce businesses such as electricians, real estate, lawyers, restaurants, plumbers, Constrution, cellphone store, dentists, family owned business, etc. Local and National keyword rankings are easy to achieve and would help to target relevant traffic.

Summarizing the facts, it can be said that Ecommerce SEO benefits your business as:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Earns Better ROI
  • Increases Traffic
  • Increases Online Visibility and Brand Awareness
  • Takes Less Time to Rank as Compared to National Level Keywords

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With the increase usage of smartphones and tablets, making sure your business is ready to receive exposure online is absolutely critical. About 20% of all searches on Google have Ecommerce intent, and an astounding 33% of all mobile searches have Ecommerce intent. With figures like that, it’s not hard to see why having your business ready to be seen for Ecommerce searches is important. These numbers are also the big reason why we get so many requests for Ecommerce search optimization.

If you’re going to do something right, do something right the first time. That’s the main point behind the first phase of our approach to Ecommerce optimization. Off page tactics (link building, citation building, etc) later on in the campaign won’t have as positive of an effect, if the site isn’t healthy beforehand. Optimizing things like title tags, sitemaps, site navigation, are all part of making sure the core of your website is ready to get the most out of the next phase – off page optimization.

Successful Ecommerce SEO Campaign

Our Ecommerce SEO Packages

The Ecommerce SEO Packages (also known as Ecommerce Organic SEO) provides an on-page and off-page optimization (through a mix of blog outreach, magazine submissions, backlink diversification, and other rank building activities). Ideal for businesses who primarily do business online, localy and nationally, or do not have actual physical locations. Supporting you expanding your online reach and capturing a bigger audience.

$ 449 /mo

This package provides on-page optimization and monthly off-page rank building that is perfect for businesses with little to no existing online presence.

  • Dashboard login to track your campaign rankings
  • Extensive pre-campaign site audit and keyword research
  • Extensive on-page optimization
  • Rich snippet recommendations
  • Monthly rank building
  • Site Assessment Report
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$ 1099 /mo

This package includes more keywords to capture a bigger audience—perfect for growing online brands with high demands in keyword targets.

  • Dashboard login to track your campaign rankings
  • Extensive pre-campaign site audit and keyword research
  • Extensive on-page optimization
  • Rich snippet recommendations
  • Extensive monthly rank building
  • Monthly content creation and publication
  • Site Assessment Report
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$ 1399 /mo

Our best package includes monthly creation of diversified content, multiple site posts, and on-page optimization suited for businesses that have a bigger target market and needs to be more competitive in search.

  • Dashboard login to track your campaign rankings
  • Extensive pre-campaign site audit and keyword research
  • Extensive on-page optimization
  • Rich snippet recommendations
  • Extensive monthly rank building
  • Monthly content creation and publication
  • Site Assessment Report
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